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Compression therapy & lymphatic drainage

Detox Through Lymphatic Drainage

The Body Hubb have invested in a state of the art  FDA approved lymphatic detox system. The Body Ballancer Pro® uses patent-protected inflating compression garments to apply a gentle or firm massage. Each garment contains 24 individual air chambers that overlap to apply fluent compression strokes that target every inch of the treated area.

This massage motion, with its specific direction of flow from the base of the limb to the torso, increases circulation and gently but thoroughly decongests the problem areas of hips, thighs, buttocks and upper arms.

The Body Ballancer Pro® action accelerates the removal of waste products and excess fluid via the lymphatic system, reducing the appearance of cellulite, improving skin tone, and reducing volume in areas affected by excess fluid retention. Its gentle, rhythmic action promotes relaxation whilst boosting immune system function.

The Body Ballancer Pro® suit painlessly massages the bodies key lymph nodes to accelerate the disposal of the toxins released in the weight loss programme and therefore helps speed up the weight loss process

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