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Non Surgical Weight Loss

What to expect at your first visit to The Body Hubb

On first visiting The Body Hubb Clinic you will receive a consultation with our clinician and complete a short health questionnaire.

You will be introduced to the Emerald laser, Lipofirm Pro and the Body Ballancer Pro®️ lymphatic drainage suit. Our clinician will talk you through the simple treatment process and answer any questions you might have. It’s important we also talk to you about diet and nutrition helping guide you to the optimal diet plans from the range we offer including the acclaimed Alevere medically supersized nutrition programme.   

Once you decide which treatment package suits you best we will then perform your Styku 3D Body scan.

The scanner effectively tracks your inch loss over the course of the treatment producing a 3D image of your body showing exactly where the inches are falling away. The same technology also performs a biometric scan and establishes your own individual metabolic rate. With this key data you can for the first time accurately predict how many calories per day you can consume to effectively lose weight. Styku also predicts how much weight you will lose by restricting your calories to below your required amount. Supplement this calorie deficit with a course Emerald laser treatments, lipofirm pro tri polar lipolysis and lymphatic drainage and the inches will fall away fast and painlessly



In a 2009 double-blind study, of the individuals who were treated with Emerald laser lipolysis, “the changes in total circumference measurements between groups were statistically significant.” The astonishing results in this study were part of a series of three separate double-blind studies leading to Emerald Laser’s historic FDA market clearance.


Effective results can be seen following 6 to12 x 30 minute treatments on the Emerald laser accompanied by 6 to 12 20 minute Body Ballancer Pro® lymphatic drainage treatments. Each time you visit us we undertake a Styku 3d bodyscan which takes around 5 minutes which is emailed to you  so you can look back at your own progress.

We therefore offer packages of 6 or 12 treatments


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